“Welcome to Diamond Chess”

Welcome to Diamond Chess!

Mrs. Christiana Sokunbi

On behalf of the Diamond Chess family I am excited and honored to welcome you to our world.

At Diamond Chess we understand that values such as patience and caution are vital for life, as well as strategy building and analytic thinking. We believe that Chess is a fun way of achieving these values and improving your child’s math, problems solving and intelligence.

coupled with the fact that, Diamond Chess is an organisation with a mission to elevate the game chess throughout the entire country, Diamond Chess is also a student centred community focused on helping individuals, children and families learn, grow and achieve. We are dedicated to providing quality services that promotes academic excellence through an enriched and rigorous curriculum.

As a team, we are here to support all our clients, with our level of professionalism, and to assist children as they learn and develop skills and talents.

Our goal is aimed and targeted to help children become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive scholars and proficient in chess.

We look forward to working with you as we pursue excellence together.


Mrs. Christiana Sokunbi

Director/Head of Operations