Diamond Chess in School

Diamond Chess in School”

It has been suggested by different researchers and scientists that chess involves, and possibly boosts, cognitive abilities such as working memory, fluid intelligence and concentration capacity. Besides, chess may be beneficial for mathematical ability, and more widely, academic achievement by enhancing concentration and problem-solving skills.

“We use the engaging game of chess as a vehicle to create positive attitudes towards learning.”

The confidence children gain when involved in our program is a contributing factor to their success not just in chess, but also in the social sphere, academics and sports.

Chess teaching tends to increase kid’s analytical comprehension while being interesting.


Research has shown that the game “chess” – which is already part of schools curriculum in some nations around the world (including Nigeria) – can dramatically improve pupils’ levels of concentration, boost problem-solving skills and develop their thought processes.

Pupils as young as 5 should be given lessons in chess, amid claims it boosts concentration levels, numeracy and reading comprehension.


Our Great Curriculum

We run chess as part of the school’s curriculum with the use of Chess Aided Mathematics Program (CAMP) and have all the pupils from nursery 2 all through college level; making up in the participatory classes.

We operate on a UK based curriculum that fosters a holistic approach to education, equipping children with the basic experiences needed to go forward in life both inside and outside of school.

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Time Management Trainings

With the use of chess digital clocks, we teach the children time management; working, playing and solving puzzles within a stipulated time.

Continuous Assessment

We also conduct assessment tests and exams just like every other course to access the growth and development of the child.

Building their Confidence

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” the saying says…

Not only has chess in education been proven to help in building a child’s IQ, concentration, mental skills, and lots more

We also raise “Champions”.

By taking the kids out for inter-school chess competitions organised by the Nigerian Chess Federation (NCF), APENng, AISEN, Chevron and other recognized bodies, – representing themselves and their schools. this gives them the required exposure and a competitive spirit which are essentials a child need in building his/her self esteem, confidence, and courage.

Where prizes won helps the kids understand the reward of hard work

and many more training techniques.

“We don’t just teach chess as a game, but as a tool in the development of a child. With certified instructors producing instructive training that help in synergizing the Art “chess” into our everyday life.”